Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ask a Girl Pick of the Day!

Here at New Moon, we've been thrilled to see the activity growing on our new online feature, Ask a Girl. Based on the belief that sometimes the best advice comes from a peer who knows, and that good advice means even more to girls when it comes from another girl their own age, Ask a Girl has always been an important feature in New Moon Magazine. Seeing it come to life online reinforces to us the importance and potential of supportive, girl-centered communities and makes us even more excited to see our full online experience for girls launch this September.

If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting our microsite yet, here's just one example of the great "girl talk" happening there. On April 30th, Sophie, 12, of Massachusetts wrote:

"Because I haven't had friends for a while, I've sort of built a wall around myself and my feelings. That makes it hard and rather awkward to make new friends! How can I tear down the wall?"

Here are a few great responses that came in from girls:
"Dear Sophie: At home hang out with your brothers and sisters and your parents. It might feel wierd, but you'll be tearing down that wall. And eventually you will have good friends. So play team sports and do things that have to do with you hanging out with other people...and that doesnt mean getting a boyfriend. Take baby steps!!!" Haven, 10, Wisconsin

"Dear Sophie: The wall you've built is going to take time to tear down. But if you get support from your family nothing will stop you. Another thing I found good to have is if you join a club that has your interests. You will find people that have your same interests in that club." Sarah, 13, Georgia

If you haven't had the pleasure yet of seeing New Moon girl community in action, check it out! We hope you love it! And let us know what you think!

Online Manager
New Moon Girl Media