Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pride and Prejudice

This past Sunday, the Girls Editorial Board (GEB) met to choose articles for New Moon's November/December "Pride and Prejudice" issue. We sorted through some great submissions from our readers, including articles about race and gender discrimination, the treatment of gay and lesbian people, and a projection of how the American people may react to a woman president.

Impressed with the great stuff our readers came up with, we took a break and found a cozy spot outside to take some photos. Camera in arm and sun in our eyes, we lined up, all ten of us, and snapped a few shots to put with our first blog post. Hi everyone!

After an ice cream snack (yum, chocolate fudge and whipped cream!), we settled onto the floor and wrote down some of our own article ideas. We asked ourselves a few key questions: Is there prejudice against girls? If so, what? What assumptions do others make about girls before they get to know them? Where do these assumptions come from? What should girls be proud of? How do we celebrate when we're proud of our accomplishments? Are we quick to judge others based on their appearances or the activities they're involved with?

No two girls have the same answer. Which means we want to hear your thoughts! Have you faced prejudice and reacted in a way you're proud of? Are you just bursting to tell someone about something you did? Share your story! And after your done adding your comments, head over to and submit your own Ask a Girl question or advice. If you're feeling extra creative, check out our submission guidelines to learn how you can send New Moon your own articles and ideas!

The more we share with each other, the stronger our community of girls will be!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Check Out!

At New Moon Girl Media we are in high gear creating an online community for girls ages 8 to 12 that will be like no other. That community will fully launch in September, but we're so excited to announce our first interactive feature, Ask a Girl, is already here! Check it out!

For 15 years, Ask a Girl has been one of the most popular features in New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams. For those of you who may be uninitiated, Ask a Girl is a peer-to-peer advice column. In each issue of New Moon magazine, two questions from girls seeking advice are published. Readers then submit their advice. In the next issue of the magazine, that advice is published along with new Ask a Girl questions.

At New Moon, we know that girls are smart, powerful people who can help each other and change the world. We also know that tweens and teens have real concerns and difficulties. Unfortunately, youth is no protection from stress, worry, questioning, and problems. At some time in our lives, we've all experienced that moment when connecting with a peer--sharing a difficulty with someone who understands, who has been there, who sees the world through the same eyes--makes all the difference. In sharing, we realize we're not alone. In recieving advice from someone we trust, we realize there's a way to move forward.

This past week, we at New Moon have seen Ask a Girl take flight in a new and wonderful form. Now that Ask a Girl has a home online, girls can post questions and get answers every day. Back at the office, we read every submission before sharing it with the community. This keeps Ask a Girl safe for every girl using it. But for me, reading these daily submissions has meant something more as well. It's a moment to reflect on just how amazing the New Moon girl community really is. In New Moon magazine, and now at, girls from all over the world come together, take each other seriously, support each other, open up with some of their most personal questions, and give deep and thoughtful responses. These girls impress and inspire, and as New Moon grows online, they will have even more ways to come together, use their voices, and change the world. Check it out for yourself at and share it with the girls in your life.

~ Autumn Libal