Thursday, September 11, 2008

Profile: Ballet Folklorico de Mexico

You're likely to encounter many different languages when you travel to other countries, but there is one language that is universal-the language of dance. Today, we present an introduction to a dance company in Mexico that embodies Mexican culture through the fusion of dance, music, and costume.

The Ballet Folklórico de México was founded in the 1950s by Amalia Hernández, who was a dancer and is also credited with helping to pioneer folk dance in Mexico. She wanted to establish both her own company and school of dance in Mexico City, and managed to accomplish both goals with success during her lifetime.

The essence of the company’s dance repertory is traditional Mexican folk dance, but the company uses classical and modern dance elements in its choreography as well. The company reflects Mexican culture not only through its choreography and dancers, but also through the use of costumes and music. They perform weekly at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico, and have also toured internationally which have earned them widespread acclaim. You can visit their website to see pictures of the dancers and costumes, and learn more about the background of the company.

Given that America is made up of many different cultures, do you think that music or dance here can reflect American culture? Do you think that there are any unifying elements in American culture?

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