Friday, October 17, 2008

Bottled water: what are you drinking?

Many people buy bottled water thinking that it's better or healthier than tap water. But did you know that about 45% of bottled water comes from the same place as the water that comes out of your faucet? Just how pure is bottled water anyways?

According to an article, the nonprofit Environmental Working Group tested different brands of bottled water and found the presence of multiple contaminants. One contaminant was present in a few of the brands tested in quantities that exceeded standards for one U.S. state. Although not necessarily representing a safety risk, the group is currently pushing for the FDA to require bottled water companies to list contaminants on their labels.

Do you prefer to drink bottled water over water from the faucet? Do you think that companies should be required to list contaminants on bottled water? What strategies do water bottle manufacturers use to make you think that drinking bottled water is better than drinking tap water?

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