Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A private high school that focuses on character-building

Although the Wall Street crisis is still on everyone's minds, there is still a young generation of kids who are hoping to eventually land jobs that will make rich at any cost. One private high school offers a solution to the cheating-fueled climate that's present in our society by teaching kids integrity and building positive character.

Hyde School, a private high school located in Maine, operates with an "Attitude over Aptitude" policy. With so much emphasis usually placed on how well a student performs academically, the school wants to redirect more focus on building ethical responsibility as well. The school hopes to inspire students to take risks with choosing courses that interest them, to become leaders, and to be concerned and involved with their peers around them.

What do you girls think about the educational culture in America? Do you think that students are more interested in getting a good grade than they are with the process of learning? Do you think that people learn to cheat at an early age in environments like schools?


Anonymous said...

Hyde School is one of the LAST places that should be preaching to anyone about ethics. Talk about hypocrisy! Go check out ISACcorp.com's Hyde School section. That is just the tip of the iceberg. There is way more if you google for it.

And this is the LAST place I would ever send any young girl with esteem issues. She'll get shredded in "group." They are primarily interested in behavior modification at any cost.

Anonymous said...

I found Hyde's website, check it out: http://www.hyde.edu

Anonymous said...

I sent three children to Hyde, each graduated from Hyde as well. Because of the leadership opportunites and character growth they experienced there, my children all developed a much stronger sense of self esteem. Our family found out that being honest about who you reaaly are, doing your best and holding others to their best helps make young men and women strong and ready to live lives through "standards of personal excellence." Isn't that what we all hope for as parents?
It was to us! I believe it was because of the challenging and supportive community of Hyde that my children (not children anymore) are living honest lives of integrity, and doing their best, following their conscience and going after their dreams. I am personally grateful to the faculty students and parents of Hyde school for the many gifts they have given ALL of us in my family.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your kids made it through okay. Perhaps Hyde School was different then.

I have, however, read some recent disturbing things about some of the male faculty with regards to inappropriate boundary transgressions, and also with regard to what goes on in these group sessions. Doesn't sound so much like "honesty" to me as it does "confrontational therapy". I fail to see how that would be helpful in building self-esteem.


Anonymous said...

Hyde is a Cult. There are success stories at Hyde, but there are far more failures.

Hyde has been investigated by Childrens Services in the past as well as having a history of documented sexual abuse by faculty.

Be very careful of Hyde. You might want to also check out their financials. The only one enriching their lives is the family that owns the facility!