Monday, June 9, 2008

Get Involved: New Moon Girls Street Team Needs YOU!

Hey girls,

You're an important part of New Moon Girls and we want to invite you to be on the new Street Team that I'm coordinating-take a look at what this is about! At New Moon we want the world to hear from girls, respect girls, and believe in girls' dreams. The Street Team will help more and more girls everywhere use their voices, achieve their dreams, and work together in ways that matter.

Use your voice and spread the word about New Moon Girls magazine and New Moon Girls website! Find out more about what the New Moon Girls Street Team is doing in June and all the fun ways YOU can get involved.

New Moon plans are always based around girls and their ideas so I want to hear from you!

Feel free to e-mail me and with questions and ideas, and I'll send you an application to join and along with other street teamer goodies. Now you can share your love for New Moon while being an ambassador for girls and their dreams!

If you want to join the street team or if you've got thoughts on what Street Teamers could be doing...or even what we should name our street team, give me a shout!


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