Thursday, June 19, 2008

High Heels for Babies!?

A company called Heelarious has recently come out with a new product-miniature high heeled shoes for baby girls up to six months old. They range in colors from hot pink to leopard print and cost thirty five to forty dollars. The company claims they aren’t actually intended for walking and that the shoe is completely soft, so no harm can come to the baby.
However many people are upset by this new fashion trend and claim that high heels take away a baby’s innocence and promote sexuality at far too young an age. They think babies shouldn’t be dressed like teenagers or adult women. Also some people worry that the pointed toe on the shoe could cramp a baby’s growing foot.

On the packaging the slogan “her first high heels is printed.” I personally find this rather disturbing because of all the health problems heels can cause in the future with extended use. High heeled shoes place your feet and legs into unnatural positions and inflame and aggravate your Achilles tendon. Also high heels cause numerous breaks and sprains every year in women’s feet.
Should little girls really be encouraged to wear high heels at such a young age when they can be so dangerous? Although these baby heels aren't actually walked in do they promote high heel use in the future?

What are your thoughts on this girl bloggers? Do you think these heels are a bad idea or just a cute and harmless gift for baby girls? Let’s hear your comments on this new baby fashion style!


Seven said...

Gosh, this makes me so angry! I completely agree taht this is inapropriate, and it is awful, and should not exist!!!!

Rebecca said...

wow. it;s like, eeewwwwwwwww! y would parents even want there babies to have weird high heels??

Shaping Youth said...

Hi all: Thought you'd like an update on this story...

AND...I linked to you as one of the 'other orgs' (in addition to Shaping Youth) that could benefit from 'reverse marketing' if these gals were to make a bold zig-zag and choose to be part of the 'solution rather than part of the problem'...See if you agree, I'd love your feedback:

Amy Jussel
Founder/Executive Dir.
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Pinky said...

Yikes!! What next