Monday, July 28, 2008 Polls & Quizzes Created by You!

Hey Girls!

So the new online community for girls,, is coming up fast and set to launch September 1st! Right now all of us are having lots of fun adding tons of new and exciting features to the website. One of these features is going to be weekly polls and quizzes for all members to participate in.

An example of this is pictured above. So for example, we might ask you your thoughts on an issue like global warming where you can vote and then see how other girls are voting too. Or you can take a quiz about famous women in history and see how much you know!

The coolest part is that we want YOU to submit your own polls and quizzes for other girls! So whether you're interested in politics, movies, the environment, books, sports, whatever, you can invent your own quiz or poll for the site!
Just send your quiz or poll to:

After you send it in you'll see it on this fall! We're all looking forward to hearing your great ideas!

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