Monday, November 3, 2008

How do YOU vote?

It's election week! While you have to be eighteen years old to have your vote count officially in the United States, and many schools are holding mock elections this week!

However, many people question the purpose of these mock elections. Do kids, especially those who are younger, really understand the issues on which they are pretending to vote? With less information about the policies, it's easy to end up voting for the same candidate as your parents. While this emulation is often criticised, it makes sense--you vote based on your own personal values, which are often passed along and taught by your family.

Do you think that you will grow up to vote like your parents? What about if your parents vote for different parties? What can be done to help kids become independent and thoughtful voters?

You can read more about and discuss this issue here at Also visit this week to read about the different political parties and have your voice heard in our unofficial election.

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