Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TeenSpace Retreat

Our lives this time each year can get especially busy, and it can be easy to forget to take off to concentrate on ourselves. However, it's important to dedicate time each day to relax and do something you enjoy, such as yoga, reading, or writing in a journal.

The TeenSpace retreat for teens and parents is taking place Saturday, January 31st (2009) from 8:30– 4:30 in Sedona, Arizona. At the retreat, teens and and adults will explore how to be more self-aware and live life with more self-care and make better choices for themselves and the world around them.

Facilitators of the event will include author Debra Beck, yoga teacher Maura Mark, and meditation instructor Sarah McLean. You can visit http://teenspacesedona.eventbrite.com for more information about the event and how to register.

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