Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for our Kids

It's Election Day - finally!

As I drive voters to the polls today I'll be thinking about how important this election is to our children. Whether they are still infants or they're already tax-paying adults like my daughters, this election will have a huge impact on their lives.

With our nation's deep economic and environmental woes, no matter who is elected, we're facing a time when Americans will all need to step up and defer some of our "wants" to make sure all of us get what we truly need. Luckily for parents, sacrificing our wants for our childrens' needs is something we already have some practice at! The part that will be different is how we define what our children truly need (as opposed to what they want).

One other thing on my mind is that whichever ticket wins today, there will be girls living in the White House or the VP's residence. That's exciting and will engage many kids in following what happens in national politics. It's already been wonderful in the campaign to see the genuine and expectant faces of Malia, Piper, Sasha & Willow as they accompany their parents at some appearances.

For me it's a reminder of the hopes of our children and the ways we as parents are responsible to their hopes.

I hope you all are voting today for our kids.

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